2020 REcharge

Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy
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Use of Data
I consent to YE collecting, processing and using the personal data I supplied in this application in order to review my materials and communicate with me about the application and Event. Be sure to review the applicable YE Privacy Policy for more information about how YE collects and uses personal data.

Talent Release Language
I understand that the Event and my participation in the Event may be recorded, and I consent to such recording.

I consent to YE’s use of my name, likeness, quotations and testimonials and similar characteristics for the purpose of advertising, selling, or otherwise promoting YE. I understand and agree that there will be no financial or other monetary compensation for such use.

Image Release. Photographs and/or audio/video recordings taken at the Event by YE, or others on behalf of YE, may include a participant’s image, name, voice and/or likeness. By attending and/or participating in the Event, participant hereby grants YE and its affiliates, licensees, successors, assignees, designees, grantees and any entities or persons acting on behalf of any of the foregoing permission to use, the participant’s photograph, image, likeness, voice and statements for any purpose, including, without limitation, commercial purposes, without compensation or credit to the Participant, in any and all media now known or hereafter devised.

Event cancellation
YE reserves the right to cancel, modify, or suspend Event for any causes beyond the control of YE that impact the effective administration, proper conduct or integrity of the Event.

Tax & W9/ACH
IF there are monetary prizes and/or material prizes (for in person or online events):

You are responsible for any tax liability associated with the receipt of funds. The following documents are to be provided prior to receipt of funds:

  • IRS form W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification
  • ACH Payment Authorization – used to set up direct deposit into a bank account

Agreement to Terms and Conditions
By clicking the box below, I agree to these Terms and Conditions and that the information in my application is accurate, I have the rights necessary to share the materials contained in this application, and my application will not infringe on any third party’s rights or violate any applicable laws. If you have any questions about the Event, please reach out to hello@youthentrepreneurs.org.


During the REcharge event, YE will be utilizing PayGrade to help demonstrate a digital way to conduct currency and auctions within the market. As we have done in past event, YE staff will be handing out YE Dollars to those individuals who are actively participating in the sessions. PayGrade will be the platform used to assign the currency to you in a digital format. At the conclusion of the event, you will have the opportunity to use your YE points to purchase raffle tickets for special items, gift cards, and much more.

To utilize PayGrade, please follow these steps prior to the start of the REcharge Event:

  1. Visit this link – paygrade.io
  2. Enter a username (you will need to remember this)
  3. Enter your First and Last name (please list this the way you plan to list it in the Zoom meetings)
  4. Enter a password (you will need to remember this)